June 13, 2024

Revolutionizing Vehicle Care with Car Xpel Clear Bra Service for Tesla

Vehicle detailing has reached new heights, especially for Tesla owners, with the innovative Car Xpel Clear Bra Service. This advanced detailing process, known as the Flutter Plus package, takes detailing to the next level by utilizing Xpel Ultimate on the entire Tesla Model 3. The key to its success lies in a modified plotter that ensures 98% or better coverage while minimizing surface cutting, providing a meticulous finish.

Technicians showcase their expertise in custom installations, manually trimming and tailoring the Xpel application for specific areas, achieving an impressive 99% coverage. The advantages of the plotter plus package are highlighted, emphasizing its seamless integration with minimal impact on the vehicle’s paint.

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Car Xpel Clear Bra Service for Tesla extends beyond the Flutter Plus package, offering various detailing packages to Tesla owners, including partial and full front coverage. The application of Ceramic Pro, a ceramic coating, enhances the durability and appearance of the clear bra, preventing yellowing and ensuring a glossy finish over time.

Exploring ongoing projects, such as the Xpel treatment for a Toyota 4Runner and a blackout package for another Tesla Model 3, demonstrates the versatility of the services provided. The commitment to customer satisfaction is evident, with Teslas leaving the shop not only with a flawless finish but also fully charged, showcasing the holistic approach to vehicle care. Revolutionize your vehicle care with car xpel clear bra service for Teslas


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