July 19, 2024

Reduce Bacteria with a Custom Car Mat

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There are a number of reasons a customer may want a custom floor mat. The primary reason for many, however, is the ease in which it can be cleaned. People in general spend a lot of time in the vehicles. The average person spends 87 minutes a day in their vehicles. This is a considerable amount of time. Spending that much time in a vehicle means a lot of people are eating and drinking in their vehicles.

Even the neatest person can have slips and spills. The coffee cup tips over or they drop the fries trying to pull them out of the bag. Regardless of what happens, a custom floor mat makes it amazingly easy to clean, which is the best selling point.

Many people may not realize how incredibly dirty their vehicles really are. There have been several recent studies looking at exactly how dirty people’s vehicles are. One study looked specifically at the trunk since that is where most people put their groceries when driving a car. The study, which was out of Aston University in Birmingham, Alabama, found an average of 850 bacteria.

Surveys have shown that 70% of drivers eat and drink in their cars. Charles Gerba, a microbiologist, found significantly more bacteria in vehicles that carried children then vehicles that don’t. Additionally, he found the highest concentrations of bacteria where food and drinks have been spilled.

Another study conducted out of Queen Mary University in London, found that there was more bacteria found in vehicles than in the average public toilet. On average, only 16% of people with children clean the interior of the vehicles on a regular basis. This is, in part, due to the work and frustration involved.

Cleaning the interior of a vehicle is not always easy; especially if you have no or ill-fitted floor mats. You have to climb around the vehicle vacuuming out all the nooks and crannies. Custom floors mats are such an easy sell because they eliminate the hassle and stress of food and drinking messes.

Custom floor mats, as their name suggest, fit perfectly into the floor spaces of any vehicles. This eliminates the problem of mats slipping out of place or food and drink getting under the mats. Additionally, when they need cleaned, they can simply be pulled out of the vehicle and cleaned in the open space, where the owner can easily move around and clean every corner. In addition to being easy to clean, they will also preserve the original car carpets in the vehicle, which eliminates the need for replacement carpet.

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