July 20, 2024

Premium Glass Helps Keep Drivers Safe

Windshield replacement phoenix

Windows and other Phoenix auto glass items are vital to vehicle safety. The word window originates from the Old Norse word, “vindauga,” which, loosely translated, means “wind eye.” Before windshields became the standard, drivers wore goggles in order to keep debris, insects, and precipitation out of their eyes. The auto glass phoenix az features nowadays presents a drastic step forward. It is much stronger and more reliable and the Phoenix auto glass of today is an integral part of vehicle safety.

While original automobile windshields were made of plate glass, which turned out to be a safety hazard, they were quickly replaced by laminate style windshields that were much safer. Nowadays, even though Arizona auto glass can account for somewhere between 40 and 70 percent of the strength of the frame of a vehicle, Phoenix auto glass can break. In those cases, services that offer high quality Phoenix windshield repair can prove to be a valuable asset. In order to make sure that cars have proper Phoenix auto glass, individuals would be wise to immediately repair and damage done to their windshield or windows.

Because so many people drive in harsh weather, keeping Phoenix auto glass clean is necessary. A woman named Charlotte Bridgewater patented an early automatic windshield wiper system known as the “Electric Storm Windshield Cleaner” in 1917. Oddly, her daughter invented another safety device, the turn signal. Both of those concepts come standard in every car that is produced today because, those products, as well as premium Phoenix auto glass, can go a long way towards keeping drivers safe on the roads today.

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