June 22, 2024

Polyurethane Car Wraps For Advertisement And Appearance Alike

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There are many ways through which a business can advertise its services. With that being said, some are more effective than others. Although there are certainly many advantages to online advertising, for example, some businesses know that their services should also be advertised in a physical way. This is to say, a way in which people will see these advertisements in their everyday lives. There is a great deal of importance in expressing advertisements in a way that is tangible. Things like car wraps can seep into someone’s subconscious without them even realizing. If you see an advertisement on a car, it’s flashy and exciting. But whether you’re spray painting advertisements or having wraps applied to your car, there is more to this kind of advertisement than having the idea behind the advertisement. There is a physical element as well, and much you should consider before having the car wraps applied to your car. The practicalities involved include everything from wrap cut tape to bedliner spray guns, and all the coatings necessary for this kind of advertisement. Let’s look into what is involved car wrap advertisements.

What Are Vehicle Wraps?

Car wraps are essentially a way of pigmenting or decorating your car without painting it. Although we’ve been discussing wraps under the guise of advertisements above, there are many other reasons why people choose to wrap their cars. The fact is that wraps have become such popular alternatives to paint that many choose to wrap their cars rather than paint it entirely. You can get an all-over color effect through wraps, and there are several different methods through which wraps can be achieved. You’ll usually need wrap cut tape to perfect the effect of your car wrap, as well as other tools. Often times, car wraps can be made with pickup trucks in mind. There is a reason why pickup trucks are so ideal for these kinds of advertisements. Pickup trucks are popular and relatively simple to wrap. In 2013, for every eight vehicles made in the U.S., one was a pickup truck. About 90% of those pickup trucks made were produced by Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors. An issue that needs to be kept in mind when using wraps on pickup trucks, however, is the size of the truck’s bed. The standard bed length is eight feet, with 5.5 foot-length and 6.5-foot length beds also being fairly common. Let’s look into the application process of these types of advertisements.

Applying Car Wraps: What It Can Entail

There are different types of application processes. Most of them include wrap cut tape, or perhaps wire tape or vinyl wrap tape. There is much that goes into the different types of processes, but most commonly you’ll see spray on truck bed liners. They come in two different types of material, and two main types of application processes. Aromatic and aliphatic compounds are applied either through a low pressure, non-heated processed, or a high pressure, heated process. Usually, polyurethane is sprayed from 1/16th inch to four inches, depending on the application type. While thinner coatings cost less, they tend to chip or crack more. Thicker coatings, however, can destroy the size and shape of the truck. Therefore, you should be very careful about what you apply and how. Using polyurethane serves a couple of different purposes. It adds years of wear, preventing scratching, rusting, and chemical contamination from the deterioration of paint. It can also create an anti-slip, anti-skid surface.

Undoubtedly, polyurethane is a standout when it comes to the process of applying car wraps. Be careful when choosing the kind of car wrap you want — think not only of appearance, but of durability as well. Whether you’re looking to advertise or simply make your car look better, you’ll be amazed by what this material can offer. Most importantly, the results will be both beautiful and long-lasting. So pick up some wrap cut tape and your tools and get ready to wrap your car.

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