June 13, 2024

Making the Most of a Move Finding Affordable Storage and Moving Companies

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Research from the Census Bureau shows that since 1980, roughly 43 million Americans — about 16.8% of the population — end up moving. While people all have different reasons for wanting or needing to relocate, the most commonly cited one is that a new job opportunity arose.

While moving to a new home is exciting, it can also involve a lot of stress. Trying to pack up all that you own and transport it to your new house that may be hundreds of miles away is no easy feat.

To help ease the burden of worrying about all of your stuff making it safe and sound to your new home, look into finding storage and moving companies. Many people want to save a buck by skipping the moving company, but it’s really not that hard to find an affordable option. Storage and moving company rates don’t have to empty your wallet.

Fast Facts About Storage Companies:

  • So many people in the United States utilize storage companies that the storage unit industry brings in about $26 billion in revenue! That’s an insane amount of money, clearly showing just how many people are willing to pay for this helpful service.
  • The storage unit industry also employs about 172,000 individuals in the country. Many of these employees are experienced and are a great resource for giving you any advice about storage units.
  • Be sure to research top storage companies, don’t just randomly pick one. Look in your area or talk to friends and relatives for any feedback on reliable companies.

Finding a Moving Company:

  • Research shows that two-thirds of people in America between the ages of 18-29 have moved in the past five years. With moving being such a common trend, especially among young adults, you can definitely find a fairly cheap moving company. Visit different companies and ask for moving company rates to find the best fit for your budget.
  • Moving companies save you the headache of trying to transport all of your stuff yourself. You buy yourself more time with a moving company; you can leave yourself in your old home longer but have it unpacked faster at your new one. It’s a win-win.
  • Research shows that the most popular day to load before a move is a Friday. Talk to companies in your area to see if their moving company rates vary based on specific days or times and plan accordingly.

Have any tips for finding an affordable storage or moving company? Let us know in the comments below!

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