June 13, 2024

Impact of an EV Charging Network on Businesses

The growth of electronic cars has created a new business opportunity to engage with existing consumers while also attracting new ones.

According to recent studies, electric cars will account for the bulk of new automobile sales – 50 percent of the global market – by 2040.

All the more incentive to start offering EV charging network to your clients who vehicle charging stations for their electric cars.

According to new data, the number of electric cars (EVs) on American roadways is expected to reach 18.7 million by 2030. This represents roughly 7% of the 259 million automobiles on the road (cars and light trucks).

If you’re having second thoughts about taking advantage of this opportunity, consider these five reasons why you should build a commercial electric car charging station near your business.

1. Provides Tax Rebate Opportunities
The Department of Energy in the United States offers a government incentive program that provides up to $7,500 in federal tax credits for purchasing an electric car.

Similarly, they also provide tax credit to companies that build alternative fuel infrastructure. A 30 percent tax credit, up to $30,000, will be given to you.

Santa Barbara, California, will pay you for DC fast chargers up to $20,000 if you live there. The state may be able to provide you financing and tax benefits too.

Up to $6,260, or 80% of the cost of EV supply equipment, such as commercial electric car charging stations, can be funded by Colorado. In Illinois, individuals that install EV charging systems can get a maximum reimbursement of $49,000 (depending on the number of chargers).

Almost every state encourages companies to take advantage of this chance to install an EV charging network.

2. Puts a Spotlight on Your Business
Once you have vehicle charging stations, you may sign up for various applications that will help put you on the map, literally. It’s a free marketing tool that drives potential consumers to your company’s website.

Drivers in the area that require charging for their electric vehicles can come to your site. Because charging time might take up to half an hour, EV owners will likely go shopping or eat while waiting for their vehicle to charge on your EV charging network. If you run a convenience shop, they’ll most likely spend some time there instead, buying things.

You may register your company with smartphone applications like Plug Share, Blink Map, and Charge Hub after installing a commercial electric vehicle charging station. These applications can provide your business more exposure to potential consumers.

3. Creates Customer Loyalty
When an EV driver comes to your site to charge, there’s a good chance they’ll come back the following time. You’ve inadvertently placed your company on their route, increasing foot traffic to your institution. They may even alter their current path so that they may charge at your establishment.

To keep their loyal customers coming back, even major franchise businesses like Target are introducing an EV charging network. EV drivers, for example, may stop by on their way home to charge and pick up a carton of milk.

4. Opens Up Another Source of Revenue
Charging for EV services is a simple way for firms who manage garages to add money to their pay-to-park earnings. You can earn more money without incurring the costs of recruiting more employees.

You may also utilize this setup to keep your staff from parking in the same spot. Your staff will most likely move their car out of the way so that others may utilize the charging station.

Your charging stations will pay for themselves if you put it up this way. The payments will ultimately be enough to cover the costs of installation and upkeep.

5. Boosts Company Reputation
A commercial charging station may substantially boost your company’s image. With rising environmental concerns, existing and new consumers who notice an electric vehicle charging station in your area are more likely to support you than rivals who do not have one.

Align Your Business with the Current Trend
Electric car charging stations make it apparent that your company prioritizes the requirements of its consumers. Take advantage of this chance to broaden your client base by allowing customers to switch to electric vehicles. Shop around for electric car charging stations for sale today, and you’ll find plenty of options to choose from.


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