July 19, 2024

Ignition Interlock Devices How They’re Keeping Our Roads Safe

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Each year, thousands of Americans are injured and die in drunk driving accidents. Sometimes, these are one-time incidents — that is, the tragic results of the one time the driver drove drunk. However, the unfortunate fact is that often times these accidents are the results of people driving drunk for the second, or fourth, or fifth time. Quite often, people driving drunk suffer from alcoholism. This means that as much as they may regret their actions, they are likely to do it again. And for those who, thankfully, have not caused accidents, getting pulled over and caught may not be enough either. They suffer from a disease — and the fact is that it’s a difficult disease to treat. As much as we can try to rehabilitate people through addiction treatment, this doesn’t always work. Or rather, it doesn’t work immediately. The issue that while not all offenders can have their licenses taken away, the roads still need to be safe. There is, luckily, a middle ground between taking away a person’s license and letting them drive uninhibited. Not only does it ensure that the roads are safer; it also makes it easier for alcoholic drivers to focus on getting better. The car breathalyzer takes safety to another level, and ignition interlock companies will hopefully be keeping the roads safe for years to come.

Blood Alcohol Level Testing: How It Works, Where You Should Be

Decades ago, it would have seemed impossible that we would be able to measure the amount someone had been drinking without watching them drink. That has obviously changed in recent years, thanks in part to the fact that we can now quantify and test people’s blood alcohol level. This can be done, obviously, through a blood test — but that’s not the most convenient method. More recently, we have come to test people’s blood alcohol level through breathalyzer tests. This is quick and non-invasive. It can be done by the side of the road, anow ignition interlock companies have provided the even more convenient ignition interlock device. Each state has a certain blood alcohol level limit. If someone surpasses this limit and drives, they can be arrested. For most states, the legal blood alcohol level limit is .08. However, in many states you can also be arrested for having a blood alcohol level below .08, which is why you should err on the side of caution. The consequences of driving when over the legal limit can be devastating — every other day, 28 people die as a result of drunk driving. Furthermore, those convicted of DUIs can have their licenses revoked, and getting them back can cost a high amount of money. This disrupts a person’s life in many ways, whether or not anyone is physically injured. So how can ignition interlock companies help prevent drunk driving?

Ignition Interlock Companies: Preventing Drunk Driving

So, what is an ignition interlock device? A device like this can make a major difference in an alcoholic’s life, and even save the lives of potential drunk driving accident victims. Once installed, an ignition interlock device physically prevents someone from driving drunk. To start the car, the driver must breathe into the device, which is actually a breathalyzer. If the person’s blood alcohol level is above a pre-set level, the car won’t start. Furthermore, some devices also function in a manner that, after a certain amount of distance, the driver must re-test. As such, people cannot drink while driving. This keeps people sober — and safer — longer. Not only does this device stop drunk driving accidents; it also helps recovering alcoholics stop engaging in bad habits. Repeat offenses have been reduced by 39% through interlock devices, compared to offenders who never had these devices installed.

Ignition interlock devices may not be installed in the car of every recovering alcoholic — but they should be. Certainly, they make the roads safer for everyone.

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