July 19, 2024

How to Successfully Transport Your Vehicle on a Long Move

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Are you planning a move across the country? You have probably figured out that moving anywhere across state lines is much more difficult than an in state move. When you move in state, for example, you can often make numerous trips transporting all of your things. You can take breaks between moving trips. However, when you are moving across state lines, you may have only one trip to bring everything you want with you. Also, moving across state lines can make it very difficult to move large items, like vehicles. This is especially true if you are flying to your new home and having your items boxed and shipped ahead of you. You may also be renting a moving truck and driving that, instead of your vehicle. Fortunately, car shipping services are available. This allows you to bring your vehicle with you on your move, without having to drive it on your move.

There are a few things to keep in mind when planning your long move. You will need to carefully plan many aspects of your move, more so than smaller moves. It may be ideal to hire a professional box packing company to ensure that your items are properly and safely packed. Also, many packing companies will offer you an insurance against any loss or broken items. If you choose to pack your items on your own, you may want to separate them by room. This will help with unpacking in your new home. Labels can be especially helpful in knowing which room each box belongs to. It is also important to provide a lot of packing bubbles for boxes that hold a lot of fragile items.

Another packing tip is to ensure that you do not pack any items that are heat or cold resistant. Your boxes will be stuffed into a large truck for possibly many hours. You may or may not have control over the temperature in the truck, but ruined items can potentially ruin your other items also that are boxed near them. If you must transport something that is heat or cold resistant, it is best to keep the box with you or to have it professionally transported.

Finally, a lot of research should be taken into moving your large items, such as your vehicles. If you have multiple vehicles, you may want to discuss any discounts with your auto hauling company. You will also want to check with any auto hauling regulations with your company prior to the car moving. For example, check with weight limits, time expected for the auto transport and pricing. Most car shipping companies, for example, will advise against having anything in the car you are transporting. However, some will allow 50 to 100 pounds of extra cargo. It is important to know these rules, prior to the auto hauling process.

Understanding the pricing prior to shipping is also important. You do not want to be left with any pricing surprises. The pricing of the auto shipping service will depend on a few factors, including the weight of the car and the miles that the vehicle needs to be moved. Trucking a car or light truck 1,084 miles from Houston to Chicago will cost approximately $550. From New York City, 2,916 miles to San Francisco, would cost about $1,000. This pricing is often worth it to many people, as they do not have the worry of having to take the time to individually drive the car on the long moving process.

The time of year that you ship your vehicle will also factor into the price. Shipping your car will cost less during winter than it will in the summer peak months. Rates are $200 to $300 higher during the summer. Most people make big moves during the summer months, to avoid bad weather, but auto movers will find many deals during the winter months. If you can arrange for your auto hauling to occur during these months, the auto transport company is likely to provide you with some type of a deal.

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