July 19, 2024

How to Find the Best Local Chevy Dealership in Rochester, NY

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If you think all new and used car dealerships in Rochester, NY are made the same, think again. The right local dealership can make all the difference between an enjoyable and affordable purchase to one that leaves you and your bank hurting when you leave. If you’re thinking of purchasing a new or used Chevy (and why wouldn’t you be?), consider these strategies for locating the best local Chevy dealerships in your area:

  1. Check Chevrolet’s Website

    In addition to learning any number of fun facts about Chevy – – such as that Chevy has produced over 200 million cars and trucks since 1912 – – a visit to their website will also help you locate local dealerships. A quick zip code search will tell you which dealer are nearby. For instance, there are 25 local Chevy dealerships near 14603. Who knew?

    Chevy’s website also allows you to search the dealer’s inventory and link right over to the dealer’s website. Already know the Chevy you’re looking for? “Shop. Click. Drive.” lets you find the car you’re after online and have it ready and waiting for you when you get to the dealership. Before you click over to the dealer’s website, however, take a look at Chevy’s history. Did you know the Chevy emblem was first used in 1913 but even today there are still debates going on about how it was invented? Another fun Chevy fact: Chevy has been featured in over 1,000 songs. How’s that for an ode to America’s favorite car?
    1. Ask other owners

      If you don’t feel like browsing the net (and getting distracted with fun facts about Chevy – – there are Chevy’s on the road in two-thirds of the world), take a more face-to-face approach and ask local drivers where they got their car. In general, Chevy owners tend to be friendly, down-to-earth folks who love to talk about their Chevy cars and trucks (duh, who wouldn’t?). Next time you find yourself parked next to an admirable Chevy vehicle, ask the owner where he bought his cool ride. If it was purchased in Rochester, NY, no doubt he’ll be happy to refer to you the local Chevy dealership he went to.

      There’s a reason word-of-mouth is one of the best advertising methods. One good experience could lead to dozens more simply through referrals. Likewise, asking owners about their experience can help you avoid one of those dreaded Bad Dealerships where they charge an arm and a leg and don’t even provide free coffee. Those aren’t local Chevy dealerships, of course.
      1. Check the BBB

        The Better Business Bureau is less friendly, down-to-earth, and ready to chat than a Chevy owner, but it’s also a seriously powerful resource for any car buyers. The Better Business Bureau keeps a database of complaints against local businesses and how they’ve been resolved – – if, that is they have been.

        Once you’ve found a few local Chevy dealerships to check out, run them through the Better Business Bureau’s database to see what turns up. A company with no complaints or a track record of positive and effective resolutions is a good sign. On the other hand, steer clear of any companies with unresolved complaints or long lists of problems.

      Get out there and drive

      Now that you have the means necessary to locate the best local Chevy dealerships in Rochester, NY, it’s time to get behind the wheel and pay them a visit. There’s no better way to determine if a local dealership is right for you than by paying them a visit. If nothing else, you can at least rest assured you’ll walk away with free coffee. You may even be able to wow them with your collection of Chevy fun facts. (Try this one out: If we were to take all the Chevy’s purchased in 2010 and line them up bumper-to-bumper, we’d create a chain long enough to circumnavigate over half the globe. That’s a lot of Chevy’s.)

      Every 6.5 seconds another Chevy is driven off the lot somewhere in the world. That means in all likelihood, at least 10 Chevy’s have found new homes since you began reading. The next one could be yours – – get out there and drive!

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