June 22, 2024

How to Choose a Good Auto Welder

Auto repair is a complicated process that sometimes requires advanced tools and repair techniques. Many auto repair professionals, especially those who work in auto body shops, need to use an auto welder to fabricate custom parts or to repair damaged body panels or frame components.

Choosing a welder for working on cars is not always easy, but the video posted here gives some great advice. First, you need to know that you should avoid stick welders.

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While these welders work fine for some applications, they just don’t work well enough to be worth your time if you plan on doing a lot of automotive welding.

Instead, you need either a MIG or TIG auto welder. MIG welders are generally less expensive than TIG welders, so if you aren’t going to be doing a lot of automotive welding or you aren’t sure how much you want to commit to this kind of work, a MIG welder is a great starting point. In the video, the host mentions that he was able to purchase one new for only $50. In comparison, his TIG welder cost over $2000.

Before you make an auto welder purchase, be sure to watch through the video to get the full description of each welder and the projects they can handle.

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