April 23, 2024

How Car Locksmiths Make New Key Fobs

Modern cars have computer technology. This increases theft protection while necessitating chip-integrated keys be configured to your car by a car dealer or mechanic. In some circumstances, as detailed, you might be able to program the key yourself. Only registered and certified locksmiths access the strictly regulated programming hardware and software. There are companies that provide computers and software for programming.

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The locksmiths receive blank keys from the manufacturer’s appointed auto dealers, who purchase them from the manufacturer’s parts department.

The key-cutting tool looks like a little laser-cutting machine. The locksmith can obtain the exact key cutting code needed to turn a blank key into a duplicate of the original car key using the vehicle identification number (VIN). The newly cut key will open the doors and turn the ignition. Still, it won’t be able to start the vehicle until the transponder sensor in the new key has been configured with the identification voltage needed by the ECU. Key fobs use radio waves to communicate with a sensor in the door latch.

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