May 23, 2024

How Are Vehicle Fleet Graphics Installed?

If you’ve ever wondered how the graphics get on a large truck or another fleet vehicle, you might be surprised. It’s seldom painted. Vehicle fleet graphics are crafted in design software like InDesign and formatted for a large-format computer printer, allowing them to be cleanly and uniformly applied to all of the vehicles in the fleet. They’re printed on vinyl wrap decals and then using simple measures like ladders and manual application, they’re added to the vehicles.

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These graphics are never haphazardly applied. They have to go on to the vehicle to tolerances of inches. To do that, measuring markers are used to match up the previous sheet to the next sheet.

Graphic application workers take a long time to match up every graphic to the next. It’s crucial for a seamless, professional appearance that they take their time and make sure that every piece meets the next piece, and is perfectly aligned.

Finishing up the job means taking time to ensure that all of the graphics are applied to each car. Even one piece of the wrap being off means the entire wrap will look wrong and amateur, so hours are allotted to make sure the entire job gets done precisely.


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