April 23, 2024

Four Hybrid Car Myths that You Probably Still Think Are True

Hybrid battery repair

Nothing says summer like packing up the family and going on a long road trip, just you your car and the open road. Ever since Henry Ford, Americans have had a love affair with their cars. To many people a car is not just a mode of transportation, but also an extension of their personality and a marker of their lifestyle.

Unfortunately cars come with a major drawback, they are not always the most environmentally friendly mode of transport. It recent studies it is estimated that cars account for almost 90% of the pollution that we breathe in the air. This problem has been addressed by the invention of the electric and hybrid car.

In fact almost 3 million hybrid cars have been sold in the United States since 2012. Hybrid cars are not only more environmentally friendly but hybrid cars fuel economy many times out perform gas cars in several tests. While there are several advantages to electric and hybrid cars, there are several misconceptions about hybrids as well, in particular regarding hybrid car batteries. This article will hopefully dispel these myths and allow you to make an informed decision when thinking about buying or renting a car this summer.

Hybrid Battery Life Span

There is a common misconception that hybrid car batteries have relatively unreliable life spans. This myth is based off of older battery technology used during the advent of hybrid technology. Batteries in hybrid cars usually last between six and ten years after the original sale of the vehicle.

The Cost of Replacing Hybrid Car Battery

While it is true that each hybrid car owner will have to replace their hybrid battery, another common misconception is that the cost of new hybrid car batteries will be more expensive than the car. The nature of this myth is based on the price of a hybrid car battery as opposed to a conventional battery. It is true that a gas car battery will generally run you no more than a hundred dollars while a hybrid car battery will generally cost you in the thousands, about two to three thousand to be exact. This cost however should be taken into consideration when calculating the overall savings of a hybrid vehicle. Hybrid cars on average save drivers about 25% to 35% in terms of fuel.

The Cost of Buying a Hybrid Car

One of the largest criticisms of hybrid cars are that they cost considerably more than standard gas cars. It is true that hybrid cars will generally cost 15% to 25% more than standard gas cars, the savings come from secondary sources in the long run. Many states offer additional tax incentives for hybrid car drivers. Hybrid cars also have increased fuel efficiency.

Hybrid Cars and the Effects on the Environment

Many detractors claim that hybrid cars produce almost identical amounts of harmful emissions as newer standard gas cars. There have been several studies about hybrid cars and although they still use fossil fuels, the use of electric energy actually substantially reduces the amount of carbon emissions. On average, hybrid cars decrease harmful emissions into the environment between 25% and 35%.

As you can see Hybrid cars have several benefits over standard gas cars, most importantly reducing the amount of carbon gases released into the environment. Hybrid car have allowed Americans to maintain their love of the road while at the same time being more earth conscious. Although there may be more costs than the ubiquitous gas car, rest assured these costs are offset by general efficiency and environmental friendliness.

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