June 22, 2024

Four Common Mistakes to Avoid When You Design a Custom Car Wrap

Truck wrap

Car wrap advertising is a low-cost, memorable and effective way to get your brand name in front of thousands of people, but only if you have a good design. People who are new to custom car wraps often make design mistakes that severely damage their chances of getting their message across.

Here are some common car wrap advertising mistakes to avoid:

  1. Ignoring Your Designer

    Most companies that wrap cars will work with you to create a design. Though you should always try to walk away with a design your satisfied with, try to remember that your designers are professionals. As hard as it is to admit, they probably know more than you about how to reach an audience through car wrapping. Keep the lines of communication open and make your opinions heard, but try to trust your designer’s judgement when you disagree. Even if a design doesn’t make sense to you, there’s probably a good reason your designer wants it to look that way.
  2. Adding Too Much Text

    The average driver has less than 10 seconds to view your vehicle wrap. Loading it with text is the last thing you want to do, since most of it won’t be read anyway. Keep your design clear and emphasize the most important lines of text. Clutter is your enemy. Your message should be clean, easy to read and most importantly, short.
  3. Adding Too Many Graphics

    By the same token, packing your wrap with flashy graphics will only overwhelm drivers. With so many images to look at, there’s a good chance other drivers will miss your brand name altogether. Again, you want a clean design that emphasizes the elements that are most important.
  4. Relying on Templates

    Design templates are great, but they may not be sufficient on their own. Your designer shouls always work with a template and the actual measurements of your vehicle. The angles and size of your car can have a significant effect on the final printed design. If your designer can see the vehicle in person, that’s ideal, but try to send them measurements if they’re working remotely.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of car wrap advertising because you made these mistakes. Work with your designer to create a car wrap that will bring in business.
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