July 19, 2024

Find the Parts That Keep Your Bus Comfortable, Accessible, and Safe

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Used buses are an excellent economical choice for groups that want reliable, and comfortable transportation, but they can also require a great deal of responsibility. Even leased buses, with maintenance plans, will need to be periodically checked by the driver and group to ensure that the bus is safe. Fortunately, if your bus is ever damaged, or if wear and tear renders one of the bus parts unusable, there are plenty of providers of replacement parts that can help you restore your bus. Here are some tips on the parts that you may need in the future if you want to keep your bus in the best possible condition.

Keep your bus comfortable.

Newer models of buses can make a bus ride feel more like a ride in a limo. They feature comfortable seating, extra storage, high quality speakers, and in some cases audio and visual equipment. When you first receive your bus, you should check that any speakers, microphones, and stereos are in good working order. If they are not, or if they malfunction or fail at some point during ownership, it should be simple enough to have them replaced. If you find that your group takes longer trips, then you might consider finding LCD televisions from a bus parts warehouse, and having them added to your cabin.

Keep your bus accessible.

Many buses come with optional wheelchair lifts. If you know that any current members of your group use a wheelchair, or if you can reasonably anticipate that future members might, then it’s worth finding a bus that can accommodate a wheelchair lift. It is important to know what kind of lift make you have, whether it’s Braun, Maxon, Ricon, or some other brand. Lifts are complicated, and you don’t want to get them wrong, so it may be better to bring your bus in for repair if a wheelchair lift has malfunctioned or stopped working.

Keep your bus safe.

More than half of all the bus sales
in the U.S. are passenger buses that hold between 15 and 26 passengers. No matter how many people your bus can hold, safety should always be your first concern. If your bus does not already come with the following parts, then make sure to purchase them.

  • First Aid Kit
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Seat Belt Cutter
  • Highway Safety Triangles

If you are still looking at used buses for sale and have yet to decide on one, ask the dealer if there is a bus parts warehouse that they could recommend. It may be your responsibility, as either the driver or the leader of your church or group, to ensure that the bus is always safe, comfortable, and accessible. If you know which parts are necessary to keep the bus in good working order, then you can be aware of any bus parts that need replacement before they become a problem. Find out more about this topic here: www.carpenterbus.com

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