April 23, 2024

Find the Best Used Vehicle for You and Your Family

Volkswagon oil change

Do you need a vehicle with which to get around, go to work, and run errands? If so, if you haven’t considered the option of visiting used car dealers in your area or going to car dealer websites to find the best values on the most reliable cars with the highest overall quality, you may want to do so.

A big part of finding the right local car dealers and online car dealers is to get a sense of the quality of vehicles they offer. Are the cars known for reliability? Is the brand trusted?

One car company that may be worth your consideration when looking for a car is Volkswagen. Among the ten vehicles that have been purchased the most, Volkswagen boasts three–the Passat, the Golf, and the Beetle. The Beetle in particular may be the most impressive.

It features rear-wheel drive and an engine in the back as well, and this setup has been present in the design of 21 million Beetles that have been purchased, helping to make it the most-produced car and design internationally, for the longest period of time.

Commonly called the Bug, the economy-sized Beetle was originally manufactured from 1938 through 2003. Thankfully, by 1938, traffic lights had begun to be introduced. In the year 1914, Cleveland became the first American city to get a traffic light. The first version of the Beetle, which is “air-cooled,” was being manufactured for nearly 60 consecutive years–all the while undergoing no major changes.

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