June 13, 2024

Cost-Effective Ways to Give Your Car a Brand-New Look

In the video, the reporter introduces a solution for small auto body shops looking to boost production, featuring a 27-foot Frontier auto body spray booth from Garmat with space-saving modified downdrafts. The booth’s roof-mounted mechanical components save floor space, and a tee-patterned three-row pit provides draft airflow, evacuating through towers on the side, along with drive-through doors for convenience.

Highlighted is Garmat’s Celicare air acceleration system, enhancing productivity. The modified downdraft booth efficiently directs air through towers, preventing disruptions over the vehicle.

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It boasts the largest supply filter square footage in its category, allowing more air volume than competitors. Additional features include horizontal light fixtures, robust construction, and sleek profile doors. Continuous support from Garmat distributors is emphasized, offering assistance before, during, and after a sale.

As the reporter explores the booth’s features, she stresses Garmat’s commitment to efficiency and performance. The design ensures efficient air exhaustion through towers, preventing disruptions over the vehicle. Garmat’s booth emerges as a comprehensive solution for small auto body shops seeking production improvement, with features like horizontal light fixtures, heavy-duty construction, and smooth-profile doors. Ongoing support from Garmat distributors underscores the brand’s dedication to assisting customers throughout their equipment utilization journey. With the promise of continuous assistance, Garmat stands as a reliable partner in the pursuit of enhanced production capabilities.


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