May 23, 2024

Buying A Used Car What You Should Be On The Lookout For

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Whether we like or not, cars have become a part of our daily lives. It’s difficult to get through life without a car, but it can also be somewhat difficult to find the right car for you! The fact is that when it comes to cars, buying new doesn’t always mean buying the best option for you. In fact, vehicles are probably one of few items wherein buying new can actually be detrimental to your finances, without yielding much of a different in performance. Yet, if you move to buy a car without the right education and preparation, you’ll easily find yourself confused and possibly taken advantage of. This is why you should not only read up before buying a car, but think carefully about the type of car you want and the dealership you want to buy it from. Remember that there are several factors to consider when buying a car. For one thing, you should take into account what you’re buying for — long commutes or short distance driving? Will driving be an important part of your job, or are you getting a car for fun? How much does gas mileage matter to you? But when it comes to cars, what you’ll think about most is probably money — and when it comes to finances, you can’t do better than looking at pre-owned cars.

What Are The Financial Benefits Of Buying Pre-Owned Cars?

When at a used car dealership, you’ll be presented with many different pre-owned cars. Unless you’ve looked at brand new cars already, you may not be aware of the full difference in the price tags of pre-owned cars versus those of new vehicles. A new vehicle can potentially cost tens of thousands of dollars. Very rarely, if ever, will you see that price decrease or be negotiable. A pre-owned car, on the other hand, is not only discounted but sometimes negotiable. Affordable used cars can be the same make and model as a new car — that is, if they were traded in quickly — while being sold at a much more reasonable price. It’s estimated that the average price of a previously used car is, on average, $16,800 as of 2014. This is very affordable, and a pre-owned car dealership can often offer prices that are even lower. But there is more to consider than just a sticker price. It’s true that a new car depreciates when it leaves the lot — typically, by 20% immediately. During the first year, most cars lose another 10%, leaving you with a 30% loss in that first year alone. You may think that you’ll have your one car forever — but chances are, you’ll want to sell that car long before it breaks down. Previously used cars provide much more value than brand new cars, and due to that fact will probably be easier to sell or even trade in. Remember that for less than half the price of an average new car, you can buy a car that is only three to four years old, and loaded with far more features than that new car. However, you should also be sure that the used vehicle you’re buying is steady and doesn’t have too many miles.

What Should I Do When Looking For A Car At A Dealership?

First of all: even if you like it, don’t drive the first car off the lot. You need to be careful about comparing vehicles, and ask every single question that you can think of. If possible, you should test several different makes and models. Certainly, you should test drive the car with a salesperson — but please be careful, and don’t fall for the immediate hard sell. Negotiate if possible, and check for any possible inconsistencies with the vehicle that could be overlooked. If you are discerning and careful, you should have great results, and a car that you will be happy to drive for years.

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