May 23, 2024

Behind The Prevalence Of Armored Transportation

From SWAT vehicles for sale to the bulletproof truck for sale, there are many forms of armored vehicles currently being used in the United States as well as in many other places all throughout the world. In fact, the industry of armored transportation of all kinds, SWAT vehicles for sale included, is very much on the rise, particularly throughout the United States. The data that has been gathered on the subject more than supports this claim.

In fact, this data shows that the annual revenue for this industry had reached an immense $3 billion by the time that the year of 2018 had drawn to a close. In the years that are ahead of us, this number is only likely to keep growing and growing. After all, the industry grew by as much as a full 1% over the course of this very same year, with the sector as a whole climbing by more than 2.5% in 2018 as well. All of this data is quite impressive indeed, and is certainly something that represents the overall upward mobility of the Armored Transportation Services Industry as a whole.

But what exactly can be considered to be an armored vehicle? As it turns out, more vehicles than you might actually realize. Of course, SWAT vehicles for sale are armored vehicles but being classified as such extends far past SWAT vehicles for sale (such as your typical SWAT van, to name just one example of one of the most popular SWAT vehicles for sale currently on the market). In addition to such SWAT vehicles for sale and tactical vehicles for sale, an SUV with armor could also be considered an armored vehicle, as too could an armored sedan of any make or model. As a matter of fact, civilian armored vehicles for sale are becoming more and more common indeed.

Typically, however, it is not civilians who are making use of these armored vehicles and SWAT vehicles for sale most frequently, as such everyday citizens simply just do not really have need for them. The Pope, for instance, rides in an armored vehicle. This is something that was first put into place back in the year of 1981, when the current Pope, John Paul II, was the victim of an assassination attempt. Though this Pope survived, armored vehicles began to be used whenever the Pope was transported, as it is certainly better to be safe than to be sorry when it comes to such critically important matters.

The President of the United States is also transported from place to place in an armored vehicle of some sort. Former President Obama was transported in an armored limo that was nicknamed “The Beast” throughout the course of his presidency. Currently, President Trump still travels in this very same vehicle, a tried and trusted armored vehicle tasked with keeping one of the most important people in our country as safe from all outside threats as is possible.

If you’re looking to get your own armored vehicle and aren’t particularly sold on the SWAT vehicles for sale throughout the country (as the average person likely will not be), there are other options. For one thing, you can have your current vehicle converted to be an armored vehicle. It is important to mention here that this is certainly not an inexpensive process and is not one that anyone and everyone will be able to afford. In fact, it is actually likely to cost as much as $100,000, if not even more, to transform your everyday vehicle into an armored one. For the vast majority of people, paying such a sum is very much out of the question.

Fortunately, used armored vehicles for sale are becoming more and more of an option. Such vehicles present a viable alternative for those who are looking to get an armored vehicle – without paying the cost of having their current vehicle converted into one. For many people, buying such a used vehicle is ideal in many cases and situations, as these vehicles are likely to be still in great condition even though they are used – and are certainly designed to stand the test of time perhaps better than your average motor vehicle.

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