July 20, 2024

Banners and Car Wraps to Boost Sales

Car wraps

Did you know the average person living in the United States travels more than 300 miles each week? That means that one vehicle wrap can produce up to 70,000 impressions each day. Each of those drivers sees banners as they drive along their daily commute. This makes banners and advertisements on vehicles some of the most effective and cost efficient forms of modern advertising.


Large banners are a great way to get interest from people driving by your business. They move in the wind and can be as colorful as you are willing to make them. Because they are relatively inexpensive it is possible to purchase many different types so that the people driving by don?t become accustomed to them.

Banners are also an excellent opportunity to make potential customers aware of new inventory, sales, or special promotions. They are especially effective if the color combinations are different enough to attract notice. But remember to choose colors for the letters that can be easily read against the selected background.

Wraps and Lettering

Car wraps and truck wraps are an excellent marketing technique for businesses who have company vehicles which are in regular use. These types of wraps are immediately noticeable and if the done properly are legible to any car near them. This means that every minute a wrapped car spends stuck in traffic, at a stop light, or even passing other vehicles on the interstate it is spreading your brand to potential customers.

Car and truck lettering are another cost effective option. Simply putting the name, logo, and contact information of your company on one or more vehicles can make your brand more well-known and recognizable. This inevitably results in more customers.

The best sign company to work with is one that can meet the majority of your advertising needs. They should be able to produce banners, vehicle wraps, and automobile lettering for your company and fleet. Consider all of the potential customers you could be reaching simply by having your brand proudly displayed on your company vehicles. Then take the time to compare and ask questions to ensure you find the best sign company in your area.

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