June 22, 2024

Avoiding Auto Body Repair Shop Scams

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Auto body repair shops are important to know. If you don’t have one in the back of your head and you are involved in a collision that disables your vehicle, the tow driver has free-reign to take you car anywhere. This video will help you avoid this.

Some shops will totally rip you off and leave you with incomplete or low-quality repairs. It’s important to have a trusted body shop with professional mechanics. Memorize their phone number and address, or put it in your phone. If you’re ever in an accident, these are the people you will direct the tow truck driver to.

If you don’t have a body shop on file, you are legally entitled to have your car towed to your house. Later, you can hire a tow truck driver to bring it to an auto body shop, or maybe your insurance company can.

Make sure the auto shop you choose has a big paint booth. This is a sealed environment that will make for clean and high-quality paint jobs. You also want to make sure the guys painting know how to do a good job blending the paint.

For more information, check out the video above.

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