April 23, 2024

Are There Benefits to DIYing Your Auto Body Repair

One of the toughest parts of auto body repair service is using body filler. Body filler can be a challenge to work with. This video from a professional auto body repair services mechanic provides tips and tricks for using body filler to get the best results.

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Anyone that enjoys auto bodywork or is planning a project would enjoy watching this video.

This video takes you through every step of the body filler process from how to mix the filler and the hardener the right way to application and the sanding process. The video discusses the materials that you will need to properly apply the body filler. It also discusses the proper techniques when applying the body filler, when sanding the area, and finally when applying the finish putty coat. This step-by-step video will help you avoid some of the most common errors that people make when working with body filler.

Watch this video to hone your auto body repair skills or to pick up some new ones. This video will talk you through the body filler process and provide you with easy-to-follow tips to get professional-like results out of your DIY auto body repair.


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