July 20, 2024

8 Reasons to Consider Purchasing a Honda CRV

honda crvThe Honda brand has a long reputation. The quality of the Honda CRV is top notch. When you are looking at buying a car, you would hard pressed to find a better vehicle. the brand should speak for itself. These cars have great track records when it comes to cars needing repairs. Here are some other reasons to consider buying a Honda CRV.

  1. You get a great value for the price. The Honda CRV has even received high accolades from the news media. One such outlet that gave the car high marks for being a good value for the money was the U.S. News and World Report. There are simply no other SUVs on the market today that offer the same level of value.
  2. The Honda CRV has a great safety record. One of the things that car drivers like about this model of car say they found the safety rating. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NTSA) has given the vehicle a five star rating, which is the highest level. The car has also received high marks from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).
  3. The fuel economy is great. Honda vehicles, in general, are known for being very economical to drive. The Honda CRV is not a tiny car but it does get great gas mileage. The average miles per gallon (MPG) is about 23 MPH in the city and nearly 31 MPG when they are on the highway. The Honda CRV also has an EcoAssist system, which is optional but can help drivers improve the fuel efficiency of the car. This gives drivers more control over the way the car runs and will save them a lot of money.
  4. You get the storage room that you need. When you have to stock up on your grocery. You will have no problem with the Honda CRV. You can easily fold down the back seat to accommodate more cargo it you need to cart around. This can be managed with one hand, that is how easy it is so if you have a lo of shopping you need to get done, your vehicle can hand it.
  5. They have great music system. You can connect the vehicle to music services such as Pandora. You can also connect your smartphone to the car. This feature is available in base models of new Honda CRVs. The USB port will let you connect your phone to the car itself and will let charging your phone on the go possible. That feature was added in 2014. You can also connect to a satellite radio or the stations up and down the radio dial.
  6. They are comfortable to drive. The Honda CRV is not a sports car but the ride is very smooth and comfortable. The ride is tremendously quiet. These vehicles come with the stability control that is standard. The power steering makes the car very easy to drive in a wide variety of conditions and environments that people encounter on the roads today. New Honda CRVs also come with seat warmers and a great climate control system. Features that can be added include a moon roof or leather seating, which make the drive even more luxurious and comfortable.
  7. They look great. If you have ever seen a Honda CRV, you know how distinctive they look. The unique look and feel of the car combines the functionality of a sports utility vehicle and the comfort level of a standard car.
  8. The touch screens that come standard with the Honda CRV allow you to manage many of the functions of the car. It measures five inches and let you handle the navigation system that is also standard in the car as well as sync the display on your smartphone with your car’s system. This makes it a more simple car to deal with.

All Honda products are great cars. From the Honda Accord to the Honda Civic and the Honda CRV. You cannot go wrong when you visit any of the Honda dealers around the nation. Even used Hondas have a great resale value and this is one reason that these cars are so popular. They seem to last forever and a day.

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