April 23, 2024

6 Basic Types of Car Fluid

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Anyone who owns a car knows that the most important part of it is the engine. Keeping the engine running smooth and clean by regularly receiving auto transmission services is key if you want to keep your car in good condition. In a recent car maintenance survey, it was reported that 18% of vehicles had low or contaminated brake fluid, 15% had inadequate or contaminated power steering fluid, and 16% had inadequate cooling protection or low coolant levels.

Low fluid levels is a problem because it can cause the engine to stop working properly. If the engine or transmission breaks, it is often so expensive to replace it that the car is essentially totaled. Even used transmissions for sale can cost thousands of dollars, so it’s best to avoid this problem by caring for your car and regularly seeking out maintenance from auto transmission services. If you’re wondering how to keep your car from needing a transmissions repair, keeping reading for some tips on what fluids your car needs to have checked regularly.

    1. Motor oil
    Oil lubricates a car’s engine which is important to reduce friction. Things can get pretty hot under the hood, and oil also helps to prevent overheating. Oil gets dirty after a while because it works to trap large particles and dirt in the oil filter, so you should get it changed or do it yourself every few months.

    2. Transmission fluid
    Transmission fluid is easy to check by opening the hood and looking at one of the two dipsticks (the other one is for motor oil). Transmission fluid is pretty similar to oil, but it works to lubricate the transmission instead of the engine. The transmission is important for switching gears, whether you have an automatic or manual, and a constant level of fluid is needed to ensure it doesn’t overheat.

    3. Antifreeze
    Antifreeze is added to water in the radiator of the car to make it more resistant to changes in temperature. This is important if it’s cold out so the water doesn’t freeze, but it’s also helpful in warmer temperatures (when it’s hot outside, but mainly when the engine gets hot) because it can prevent water from boiling away. This is why antifreeze is also sometimes referred to as coolant.

    4. Washer fluid
    Washer fluid is important to maintain visibility if it’s dusty outside or if there’s something obstructing the driver’s view that needs to be wiped away. Washer fluid isn’t the same as household glass cleaner, and should be purchased from an auto professional because it needs to be formulated for use in cars.

    5. Brake fluid
    Brake fluid moves throughout the brake system and is important to keep your brakes working quickly and effectively. The fluid is part of a hydraulic system that provides power and force needed to activate the brakes.

    6. Power steering fluid
    If you run out of power steering fluid, you will be able to tell because it will be harder to turn the steering wheel. This fluid is also part of a hydraulic system that help translate the driver’s movement of the steering wheel to a change in the car’s direction.

Do you have any tips on how to find the best auto transmission services? What’s the best way to keep your engine and manual transmissions working smooth and like new? Please share your experiences by leaving a comment below. Find more.

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