May 23, 2024

15 Tips for Cheap Extended Car Rentals

You could have many reasons for wanting to rent a car for an extended period. Maybe you need this car for the holidays, or you need to use it for contract work. Perhaps you want to rent your vehicle to other people, and you want to understand how to get the greatest benefit out of that experience. Either way, you’ll need some information that can help you flourish.

The following are tips for cheap extended car rentals that you can use to improve your situation. They include tips for protecting yourself, saving money on car rentals, and being responsible as a car renter or rentee.

1. Find a Reputable Dealer

Buying a vehicle to rent is the first thing to do if you want to get into the business of providing cheap extended car rentals to other people. The way to ensure that you spend your investment money wisely is to find a reputable dealer. Good dealerships with integrity usually have certain qualities. These places are typically transparent about their business practices and have many positive reviews from current and former clients.

They also usually have outstanding customer service practices and an on-site service center. Finding a dealership with an on-site service center is essential when you need someone to perform auto air conditioning repairs and other services on the vehicle you own. You won’t have to go immensely far to find professionals to work on your car. You can go to the same reliable establishment where you purchased the vehicle.

2. Get Insurance

If you intend to offer cheap extended car rentals to other drivers, you must protect yourself as much as possible. Getting an insurance policy on the car is law, but getting a good auto insurance policy is a task you need to do for yourself. You’ll need to visit an auto insurance agency with a strong reputation and many years of experience.

That way, the agent can advise you of the best policies to purchase and the right insurance limits for someone who will rent their vehicle out to others. To choose the most reliable provider, you’ll need to look at factors such as ratings, testimonials, and tenure. Ensure that you compare at least three companies and don’t choose the first one you land on. You may find a more suitable provider than that first candidate.

3. Prepare for Accidents

The next step to getting yourself ready for cheap extended car rentals is to gather telephone numbers for all the specialists and service providers you might need. That way, you won’t have to scramble to find these individuals when unforeseen things happen. You’ll already know where you can find the following people:

Auto Accident Lawyer Firm

A car accident law firm can assist if you or someone you rent your car to gets into an accident. This individual can help that person get compensation if the accident was someone else’s fault and an injury resulted from neglect.

Auto Repair Services Shop

It’s always wise to have the number of an automotive repair shop on hand to call at a moment’s notice. You can take your vehicle in for diagnosis and service and not have to miss too much time without the car.

DUI Attorneys

DUI attorneys can help you if you or someone you know receives a citation for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This provider can defend you and ensure that the prosecuting party used valid means to accuse you.

4. Keep It Secure

Another thing you should do to preserve your cheap extended car rentals is to ensure that they remain secure while stored at your home or office. Ensure that you tend to any residential garage door repairs you might need and keep the door well-maintained at all times.

If you need to leave the car outside, ensure that the driveway is in excellent condition and that you have as many security features as possible. In other words, you should request a driveway paving service if your driveway isn’t in fantastic condition. You should also order security cameras to ensure no one enters or vandalizes your vehicle.

5. Do Maintenance

You will need to perform regular maintenance if you want your cheap extended car rentals to be worthwhile. These are some of the things you’ll need to keep up with so that the car continues to run smoothly:

Oil Changes

Keeping up with regular oil changes can tremendously extend your car’s life. The owner’s manual will explain how often your vehicle should get oil changes. Follow it, and you can expect to have fewer issues.

Tire Checks

Tire blowouts are some of the most frequent accidents people have on the roads these days. Some of them could have been avoided if a car driver had inspected the tires before leaving for a trip. Therefore, you must inspect your tires regularly and look for signs of uneven wear, looseness, air loss, and other abnormal symptoms. Address them immediately, and don’t let a day pass if you can help it.

Filter Replacements

You should have someone check your car’s air filters regularly as well. They’re inexpensive parts, and replacing them can improve your car’s performance immensely.

Battery Repairs

Battery problems can put a damper on a person’s day, and that’s why it’s also wise to keep up with battery maintenance. Give the battery a visual inspection every few months can help to complete corrosion and premature war.

Auto Body Paint

The body tasks are more for cosmetic reasons, but they can bring you more business if you’re seeking to make cheap extended car rentals profitable for yourself. Many people are looking for reliable transportation but also want something that will last.

Dull paint, chips, catches, and other blemishes take away from the car’s value and other people’s desire to rent it. Therefore, you should keep up with the cosmetics so that you can continue to reap the benefits of renting the car.

You’ll find information about which maintenance tasks to do and how frequently you should do them in the owner’s manual. It’s in your best interest to follow what it says to the letter.

Tips for Getting Discounts on Extended Car Rentals

Now you know some of the practices that will help you with cheap extended car rentals you offer other people. However, you need to know how to get discounts and deals if you’re the one who needs an extended rental. These are some tips for you if you’re the consumer:

6. Check for Coupon Codes and Discounts

Coupon codes and discounts can always help you get the most beneficial deal on cheap extended car rentals. You can search for these nuggets on the rental company’s website or on your favorite search engine.

7. Book Your Car Early

Cheap extended car rentals have the best prices when you rent them ahead of time. The most advantageous time to rent such vehicles is during the off-peak season. It’s never wise to wait until the last minute to rent a car, because the prices will boost the closer you get to the date. Instead, try to secure a vehicle a few months ahead of time during the not-so-busy season to get pricing that will be the lightest on your wallet.

8. Keep Your Eye on the Booking Pricing

Don’t just secure cheap extended car rentals and do nothing. Ensure that you check your booking rates constantly. Rates have been known to change with the times. Therefore, you might see a better deal than the one you got when you initially secured your rental. If the date hasn’t arrived, you will have time to change the arrangement and get a better rate for yourself. There’s nothing wrong with doing what’s best for your wallet.

9. Avoid Airport Rental Locations

If you want to save money on cheap extended car rentals, it’ll be best not to rent your vehicle at an airport rental company. Those sites are notorious for having higher rates, heftier taxes, and more burdensome arrangements. You’ll need to choose an off-site rental company to get the best deal. If you can find a decent company that doesn’t have a popular and well-known name, that might also be a great idea.

10. Choose an Economy Vehicle

The type of car you choose when selecting cheap extended car rentals is also a factor in how much you pay for your vehicle. Economy vehicles are typically the least expensive models in the entire catalog, and they’re also the cheapest to maintain and purchase fuel for. Thus, you’ll want to look for an economy car that fits your budget to get the most out of your long-term rental.

11. Bring Your Own Extras

Car seats and GPS systems may cause extra costs when renting a car. You can be proactive about your savings by providing your own ‘extras.’ That means you should take your own car seat, GPS system, and any other extra items with you so that you don’t have to order an extra package to get what you need. The savings you get should be significant.

12. Find Deals With Unlimited Items

Sifting through all of the options when you search for cheap extended rentals is also crucial if you want to lighten the cost. One thing you’ll need to do is read thoroughly to see which cars come with unlimited miles or unlimited fuel.

The term ‘unlimited’ in any part of a rental description means you will save money if you secure that vehicle. Don’t rent a vehicle until you read all the special details and small print to see exactly what you’re getting with the car. Many people miss some of the most important details by skipping the words on the screen.

13. Find a Responsible Driver

You may not have known this, but the driver’s record and age could affect the amount of money you have to pay for your vehicle rental. That’s why it’s crucial for you to choose a good designated driver. This individual should have at least three to five years of driving experience with no accidents of any kind within three years. He or she should also be at least 25 years of age.

Twenty-five is usually the age when companies stop viewing drivers as irresponsible and dangerous young people and begin to look at them as responsible individuals. If you can find someone with the above-mentioned characteristics to be your driver, you should put that person in the driver’s seat right away.

14. Use Special Memberships

You can get some amazing discounts on cheap extended car rentals by taking advantage of any special discounts you might have. For example, some AAA members receive discounts on car rentals. You can also check with your auto insurance policy to see if they offer any discounts on such rentals.

Employers sometimes give their workers discounts to services through various portals as well. Thus, you may want to check with your employer, too. Moreover, your relationship with a certain bank or credit union might make you privy to such discounts.

15. Try Bundling Your Services

Finally, a great way to save money on an extended car rental is to bundle it with other things. For instance, you can put it together with a hotel rental and an airplane ticket if you need those items. You might get a certain percentage of the cost if you put all those services together.

You can also use one of the famous websites that help consumers get the best deals. These sites offer comparisons and help find bundles for people looking for amazing prices. The site will do most of the legwork to find you the best deal. That way, you won’t have to use so much time and energy.

You’re now aware of many helpful tips for getting and maintaining cheap extended car rentals. Use the ones mentioned above to give yourself the best position financially and get the largest benefit out of your car, whether you’re a renter or the rental agent.

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